UCI Law’s faculty address the most important legal issues of the day. Many articles are available here in this growing collection; more complete lists of scholarly works are on our faculty pages at law.uci.edu/faculty


Submissions from 2009

Working Group on Chapter 4 of the Proposed Restatement of Employment Law: The Tort of Wrongful Discipline in Violation of Public Policy, Catherine Fisk, Joseph R. Grodin, Paul M. Secunda, Richard A. Bales, Roberto L. Corrada, and Pauline T. Kim 13 Emp. Rts. & Emp. Pol'y J. 159 (2009)


The NLRB in Administrative Law Exile: Problems with Its Structure and Function and Suggestions for Reform, Catherine L. Fisk and Deborah C. Malamud


First Contract Arbitration and the Employee Free Choice Act, Catherine L. Fisk and Adam R. Pulver

Comment: A Revival of Access-to-Justice Research, Bryant G. Garth 13 Soc. Crime L. & Deviance 255 (2009)


The Evolution of J.D. Programs – Is Non Traditional Becoming More Traditional?: Introduction, Bryant G. Garth 38 Sw. L. Rev. 537 (2009)

Derechos Humanos y Filanthropia Hegemonica, Bryant G. Garth and Yves Dezalay 4 Etnografias Contemporaneas 47 (2009)

Exploring Inequality in the Corporate Law Firm Apprenticeship: Doing the Time, Finding the Love, Bryant G. Garth and Joyce Sterling 22 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 1361 (2009)


Relational Markets in Intimate Goods, Michele Goodwin


Patient Negligence, Michele Goodwin and L. Song Richardson

Assessing California’s Hybrid Democracy: The Coming Age of Direct Democracy: California’s Recall and Beyond by Mark Baldassare and Cheryl Katz, Richard L. Hasen 98 Cal. L. Rev. 1075 (2009)

Book Review: Reviewing Christopher P. Manfredi and Mark Rush, Judging Democracy (2008), Richard L. Hasen 124 Pol. Sci. Q. 213 (2009)

Bush v. Gore and the Lawlessness Principle: A Comment on Professor Amar, Richard L. Hasen 61 Fla. L. Rev. 979 (2009)

Constitutional Avoidance and Anti-Avoidance by the Roberts Court, Richard L. Hasen 2009 Sup. Ct. Rev. 181 (2009)

Introduction: Developments in Election Law, Richard L. Hasen 42 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 565 (2009)

The Democracy Canon, Richard L. Hasen 62 Stan. L. Rev. 69 (2009)


Probably - Understanding Tax Law's Uncertainty, Sarah B. Lawsky

Embryo Exchanges and Adoption Tax Credits, Sarah B. Lawsky and Naomi Cahn 122 Tax Notes 1365 (2009)


Private Immigration Screening in the Workplace, Stephen Lee 61 Stan. L. Rev. 1103 (2009)

Antitrust and Patent Law as Component Parts of Innovation Policy, Christopher R. Leslie 34 J. Corp. L. 1259 (2009)


Judgment-Sharing Agreements, Christopher R. Leslie

Judgment–Sharing Agreements, Christopher R. Leslie 58 Duke L.J. 747 (2009)


The Evolution of Academic Discourse on Sexual Orientation and the Law: An Introduction to a Festschrift in Honor of Jeffrey Sherman, Christopher R. Leslie 84 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 345 (2009)


Are There Systemic Ethics Issues in Dispute System Design? And What We Should [Not] Do About It: Lessons From International and Domestic Fronts, Carrie Menkel-Meadow 14 Harv. Negot. L. Rev. 195 (2009)


Chronicling the Complexification of Negotiation Theory and Practice, Carrie Menkel-Meadow 25 Negot. J. 415 (2009)

Maintaining ADR Integrity, Carrie Menkel-Meadow 27 Alt. to High Cost Litig. 1 (2009)


The Status of Part-Time Evening Programs?: Introduction, Carrie Menkel-Meadow 38 Sw. L. Rev. 577 (2009)


The Next Generation: Creating New Peace Processes in the Middle East, Carrie Menkel-Meadow and Irena Nutenko 25 Negot. J. 569 (2009)

Inclusion, Accomodation, and Recognition: Accouting for Differences Based on Religion and Sexual Orientation, Douglas NeJaime 32 Harv. J.L. & Gender 303 (2009)

When New Government Fails, Douglas NeJaime 70 Ohio St. L.J. 323 (2009)

Interpreting Data: A Reply to Professor Pardo, Katherine M. Porter, Robert M. Lawless, Angela K. Littwin, John A. E. Pottow, Deborah K. Thorne, and Elizabeth Warren 83 Am. Bankr. L.J. 47 (2009)


Photographs of Public Domain Paintings: How, If At All, Should we Protect Them?, R. Anthony Reese 34 J. Corp. L. 1033 (2009)


The Relationship Between the ISP Safe Harbors and the Ordinary Rules of Copyright Liability, R. Anthony Reese 32 Colum. J.L. & Arts 427 (2009)

Mistake of Fact or Mistake of Criminal Law? Explaining and Defending the Distinction, Kenneth W. Simons 3 Crim. L. Phil. 213 (2009)

Retributivists Need Not and Should Not Endorse the Subjectivist Account of Punishment, Kenneth W. Simons 109 Colum. L. Rev. Sidebar 1 (2009)

The Restatement (Third) of Torts and Traditional Strict Liability: Robust Rationales, Slender Doctrines, Kenneth W. Simons 44 Wake Forest L. Rev. 1355 (2009)

The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement: The Battle for Control of the Law, Steven M. Teles, Ann Southworth 124 Pol. Sci. Q. 548 (2009)

Stories Absent from the Courtroom: Responding to Domestic Violence in the Context of HIV and AIDS, Jane K. Stoever 87 N.C. L. Rev. 1157 (2009)

The Privatization of Public Legal Rights: How Manufacturers Construct the Meaning of Consumer Law, Shauhin A. Talesh 43 Law & Soc'y Rev. 527 (2009)

Marketing Period Risk in a Portfolio Context: Comment and Extension, Kerry Vandell, Zhenguo Lin, and Yingchung Liu 38 J. Real Est. Fin. & Econ. 183 (2009)

Zhiqiongren De Sifa, Zixia Er Shang De Falu Fazhan He Zuo (Justice for the Poor, Bottom-up Legal Development Cooperation), Benjamin van Rooij

Changes in Enforcement Styles Among Environmental Enforcement Officials in China, Benjamin van Rooij, Carlos Wing-Hung Lo, and Gerald E. Fryxell 41 Env't & Plan. A 2706 (2009)

Domestic Courts and Global Governance, Christopher A. Whytock 84 Tul. L. Rev. 67 (2009)

Legal Origins, Functionalism, and the Future of Comparative Law, Christopher A. Whytock 2009 BYU L. Rev. 1879 (2009)

Myth of Mess? International Choice of Law in Action, Christopher A. Whytock 84 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 719 (2009)

The Arbitration–Litigation Relationship in Transnational Dispute Resolution: Empirical Insights from the U.S. Federal Courts, Christopher A. Whytock 2 World Arb. & Mediation Rev. 39 (2009)

Submissions from 2008


Law Clinics and Collective Mobilization, Sameer M. Ashar 14 Clinical L. Rev. 355 (2008)


Entering Unprecedented Terrain: Charting a Method To Reduce Madness in Post-9/11 Power and Rights Conflicts, Mario L. Barnes and F. Greg Bowman

Entering Unprecedented Terrain: Charting a Method to Reduce Madness in Post–9/11 Power and Rights Conflicts, Mario L. Barnes and F. Greg Bowman 62 U. Miami L. Rev. 365 (2008)

Ethical Approaches to Robotic Data Gathering in Academic Research, Dan L. Burk 1 Int'l J. Internet Res. Ethics 9 (2008)

Information Ethics and the Law of Data Representations, Dan L. Burk 10 Ethics & Info. Tech. 135 (2008)


The Mereology of Digital Copyright, Dan L. Burk

The Role of Patent Law in Knowledge Codification, Dan L. Burk 23 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1009 (2008)


Beyond Conjecture: Learning About Ecosystem Management from the Glen Canyon Dam Experiment, Alejandro E. Camacho


Climate Change and Regulatory Fragmentation in the Great Lakes Basin, Alejandro E. Camacho 17 Mich. St. J. Int'l L. 139 (2008)


Civil Rights, Immigrants’ Rights, Human Rights: Lessons from the Life and Works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jennifer M. Chacon 32 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change 465 (2008)


Citizenship and Family: Revisiting Dred Scott, Jennifer M. Chacón

An Overview of the October 2006 Supreme Court Term, Erwin Chemerinsky 23 Touro L. Rev. 731 (2008)


How will Morse v. Frederick be Applied?, Erwin Chemerinsky 12 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 17 (2008)


Protecting Truthful Speech: Narrowing the Tort of Public Disclosure of Private Facts, Erwin Chemerinsky 11 Chap. L. Rev. 423 (2008)


Restoring Separation of Powers, Erwin Chemerinsky 35 Hum. Rts. 6 (2008)


Rethinking Legal Education, Erwin Chemerinsky 43 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 595 (2008)

Supreme Court Review: Symposium Foreword, Erwin Chemerinsky 43 Tulsa L. Rev. 627 (2008)


Symposium Foreword, Erwin Chemerinsky

The Essential but Inherently Limited Role of the Courts in Prison Reform, Erwin Chemerinsky 13 Berkeley J. Crim. L. 307 (2008)

The Roberts Court at Age Three, Erwin Chemerinsky 54 Wayne L. Rev. 947 (2008)

Washington v. Glucksberg was Tragically Wrong, Erwin Chemerinsky 106 Mich. L. Rev. 1501 (2008)


When It Matters Most, It is Still the Kennedy Court, Erwin Chemerinsky 11 Green Bag 2D 427 (2008)

Why Church and State Should be Separate, Erwin Chemerinsky 49 William & Mary L. Rev. 2193 (2008)


Why Church and State Should Be Separate, Erwin Chemerinsky

Constitutional Problems in the 2005 Bankruptcy Amendments, Erwin Chemerinsky and Samuel L. Bufford 82 Am. Bankr. L.J. 1 (2008)

California, Climate Change, and the Constitution, Erwin Chemerinsky, Brigham Daniels, Brettny Hardy, Tim Profeta, Christopher H. Schroeder, and Neil S. Siegel 25 Envtl. F. 50 (2008)


Symposium Transcript: Left Out in the Cold? The Chilling of Speech, Association, and the Press in Post-9/11 America: Secrecy and Barriers to Open Government, Erwin Chemerinsky, Glenn M. Sulmasy, and David M. Hardy 57 Am. U. L. Rev. 1203 (2008)

Elementi Per Una Normativa Efficace In Campo Ambientale, Joseph F.C. DiMento 23 Rivista Giuridica dell'Ambiente 919 (2008)

Esiste Piu Di Un Modo Per Risovere Un Problema: Cambio Di Clima Neglistatiti Uniti: Ultimi da ti Prima Dell Insediamento della Nuova Amministrazione (There Is More than One Way to Skin a Cat, Climate Change in the United States: Ongoing Activity Prior to the Inauguration of a New Administration), Joseph F.C. DiMento 23 Rivista Giuridica dell'Ambiente 499 (2008)

Segnali Contradditorri: Evoluzione Della Politica Climatic Canadese, Joseph F.C. DiMento 23 Rivista Giuridica dell'Ambiente 695 (2008)

Environmental Cooperation in the (Partially) Disaggregated State: Lessons from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, Joseph F.C. DiMento and Neil Craik 8 Chi. J. Int'l L. 479 (2008)

Regionalismo, Cambiamento Climatico e Nord America (Regionalism, Climate Change and North America), Joseph F.C. DiMento and Neil Craik 23 Rivista Giuridica dell'Ambiente 1067 (2008)

After Inclusion, Catherine L. Fisk 4 Ann. Rev. Law & Soc. Sci. 83 (2008)

Labor Markets, Income Inequality and Globalization, Catherine L. Fisk 15 Geo. J. Poverty & Inequality 475 (2008)


Response: Thoughts on Treating Union Representation Processes as a Market in Need of Legally Required Disclosure of Information, Catherine L. Fisk 94 Va. L. Rev. Brief 1 (2008)


Preemption and Civic Democracy in the Battle over Wal–Mart, Catherine L. Fisk and Michael M. Oswalt 92 Minn. L. Rev. 1502 (2008)


Foreword: The Low–Wage Worker: Legal Rights – Legal Realities, Catherine L. Fisk, Bryan M. Seiler, and Laura J. Cooper 92 Minn. L. Rev. 1289 (2008)

Moral Imperialism, Bryant G. Garth and Yves Dezalay 171-172 Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 40 (2008)

Law, Class, and Imperialism, Bryant G. Garth and Yves M. Dezalay

Beyond Incoherence: The Roberts Court’s Deregulatory Turn in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life, Richard L. Hasen 92 Minn. L. Rev. 1064 (2008)

Justice Souter: Campaign Finance Law’s Emerging Egalitarian, Richard L. Hasen 1 Alb. Gov't L. Rev. 169 (2008)

Political Equality, the Internet, and Campaign Finance Regulation, Richard L. Hasen 6 Forum Article 7 (2008)

Too Plain for Argument? The Uncertain Congressional Power to Require Parties to Choose Presidential Nominees Through Direct and Equal Primaries, Richard L. Hasen 102 Nw. U. L. Rev. 2009 (2008)

When ‘Legislature’ May Mean More than ‘Legislature’: Initiated Electoral College Reform and the Ghost of Bush v. Gore, Richard L. Hasen 35 Hastings Const. L.Q. 599 (2008)

Of War and Law, David Kaye 102 Am. J. Int'l Law 400 (2008)


Fairly Random: On Compensating Audited Taxpayers, Sarah B. Lawsky 41 Conn. L. Rev. 161 (2008)

Money for Nothing: Charitable Deductions for Microfinance Lenders, Sarah B. Lawsky 61 SMU L. Rev. 525 (2008)

Intellectual Property and Development at WHO and WIPO, Jack I. Lerner 34 Am. J. L. & Med. 257 (2008)

Taking the 'Long View' on the Fourth Amendment: Stored Records and the Sanctity of the Home, Jack I. Lerner 2008 Stan. Tech. L. Rev. (2008)


Cartels, Agency Costs, and Finding Virtue in Faithless Agents, Christopher R. Leslie

De Facto Detrebling: The Rush to Settlement in Antitrust Class Action Litigation, Christopher R. Leslie 50 Ariz. L. Rev. 1009 (2008)

Patents of Damocles, Christopher R. Leslie 83 Ind. L.J. 133 (2008)


Patents of Damocles, Christopher R. Leslie

Categorical Analysis in Antitrust Jurisprudence, Christopher R. Leslie and Mark A. Lemley 93 Iowa L. Rev. 1207 (2008)

Getting to ‘Let’s Talk’: Comments on Collaborative Environmental Dispute Resolution Processes, Carrie Menkel-Meadow 8 Nev. L.J. 835 (2008)