UC Irvine Journal of International, Transnational, and Comparative Law

2020 Symposium

The JITCL and the UCI Center on Globalization, Law, and Society plans to host the 2020 Symposium in September. The symposium topic is "The Transnational Legal ordering of Privacy and Speech." Further event details and RSVP information will be available closer to the event date.

The Transnational Legal Ordering of Privacy and Speech

The symposium will assess the role of private companies and governments at the intersection of privacy and freedom of expression and opinion. As of now, regulatory pressure on the companies has involved either privacy or content (i.e., expression). But in recent years, there has been increasing pressure on companies that have implications for privacy and expression. For instance, in the context of GDPR in Europe, efforts to protect personal data are clashing with desires to increase research access to platforms, especially social media. In the context of the surveillance industry, where targeted monitoring interferes with both privacy and communications, regulatory efforts will have to overcome hurdles of secrecy and national security claims. In the context of developments of Artificial Intelligence, massive problems of privacy and data may give rise to new significant problems of bias and discrimination, including in areas pertaining to speech. This symposium will address the intersection of privacy and speech. It will examine how norms and policies develop in the private sector, key states, and through international organizations and transnational networks. It will evaluate, in part, how norms and practices developed in the private sector can shape public law norms, and how public law norms shape private sector practices. It will assess these developments in transnational and global context in terms of processes of transnational normative development and legal ordering through private practice (including different forms of regulation by algorithms) and public law.