This chapter is situated in these institutional crevices that have shaped women’s careers in the last 65 years in Indian legal academia. We make our case in two parts – first, we trace the women legal academics who have been central to the Indian academy, their role as institutional change-makers and their ability to form more inclusive and gendered spaces. Next, we trace the women who have been central to the creation of legal scholarship without being in the academy. Together, we suggest that where we look for the women legal academics in India is central to how we archive their contributions. We argue that looking to assess the wealth of the research only via the scholar-academic model would lose sight of many others who have made important interventions without claiming this space. Our hope in archiving their collective contribution is not only to shed light on these multi-faceted academics, but also to draw attention to the problematic context of the historical law school site (and the ways its gendered and hierarchical blueprints might still stand in the way of real inclusivity for young women legal academics in the country).