We seek to create the ideal law library for the 21st century – one that supports the Law School’s goal of excellence in legal education. Our research and instruction services are developed by a dedicated staff, including dual-degreed research librarians from a wide variety of practice backgrounds. Our collections are curated for the Law School community by recognized experts in the field. And our space is designed and managed to promote research, study, and intellectual engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with the Law School in pursuing excellence in education, advancing legal scholarship, and fostering service in the public interest. We provide access to legal information through integrated collections, effective instruction, and creative use of technology in order to meet the needs of the Law School community.

Guiding Principles 

Through our services and collections we:

  • Promote the Law School's mission and activities
  • Respond to the needs of law faculty, students, and, when possible, other patrons
  • Provide organized information in all formats
  • Provide expertise through individual, formal, and virtual training
  • Provide technologies for educational and research needs

Questions? Contact us at (949) 824-6961.